Broker announces the acquisition of ACQUIFER Imaging GmbH

Heidelberg, Germany – () –Broker Company (NASDAQ: BRKR) acquisition today ACQUIFER Imaging GmbH, a leader in big data management solutions for bioimaging and high-content microscopy. This acquisition adds high-performance local processing, secure storage, and networking technology that complements Bruker’s advanced fluorescence microscopy products, such as super-resolution microscopy products and optical arrays, that generate high information content.

Major ACQUIFER HIVE™ Data management systems feature a fast backbone for ultra-high data collection speed, multi-core and multi-GPU processing, as well as plug-and-play volumes up to the petabyte (PB) scale. The acquisition also includes the innovative IM04 Imaging Instrument, a powerful, automated, high-content imaging system for examining the reproducible phenotype of cells, organisms, and organisms. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

“Cutting-edge vital research often requires high-performance management of big data, which HIVE can deliver,” said Dr. Peter Zehetmeyer, ACQUIFER COO and Director of Sales and Marketing. “In addition, our IM04 system expands Bruker’s fluorescence microscopy suite into the high-content inspection arena. As part of Bruker, we foresee the ability to significantly expand access to our scientific computing and imaging technologies worldwide.”

“The ACQUIFER HIVE system has been developed to keep pace with the ever-increasing amount of data that life sciences research can generate. In combination with Bruker’s fluorescence microscopy platforms, including optical sheet microscopy devices, we can now offer a comprehensive solution for advanced imaging and big data management,” he added. Dr. Malti Washmuth, Managing Director and Head of Applications, Support and Services for Broker loxendo Light paper microscopy work. “We are also very excited to increase our support for organogenetics, stem cell, and developmental biology research through the IM04 high-content screening system.”

About ACQUIFER Imaging GmbH

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, ACQUIFER is a private company, made up of two legal entities: Acquifer Imaging GmbH and Deltabyte GmbH. its flagship product, Beehive, is a high-end central workstation for image processing, high-performance computing, deep learning, and big data warehousing. It features powerful compute resources (multi-core CPU, large RAM, and one or more GPUs) with large, secure data storage (RAID) ideal for demanding applications and multi-user setups. Data is always available from any laptop/PC within the home or remotely via a VPN-secured remote desktop connection. the Imaging tool IM04 It is a fully automated wide field microscope for bright field and fluorescent imaging of many small organisms. Ideal for high-content cell-based screening assays or virtual screening, the fixed specimen holder, together with a mobile optical unit, prevents any disturbance during imaging of motion-sensitive specimens. Learn more through

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