Breaking F1 Verstappen and Red Bull records in 2022

The curtain has fallen on the 73rd season of Formula 1, and it has been truly amazing. Verstappen was crowned world drivers’ champion for the second year in a row, while Red Bull were crowned constructors’ champions after a long gap.

But how dominant are they from a numbers perspective? Let’s take a last look at the records Verstappen and Red Bull broke this year before we turn the page to 2023.

Max Verstappen

1. Most wins in a season – 15

Immediately the largest, which has not been broken for almost two decades. Michael Schumacher He rose to new heights in 2004 by winning 13 races in one year, becoming a seven-time World Champion in the process. Nine years later, he was a protégé of Schumacher and his German teammate Sebastian Vettel Who equaled the record for most dominant season in Red Bull colors in 2013.

After another nine years, Verstappen surpassed both legends in Mexico and set a new benchmark of 15 victories in one year at the season finale in Abu Dhabi. FerrariVarious troubles during the season, along with MercedesStruggling with their concept cars and porpoises only helped Verstappen reach this milestone.

2. Most points in the tournament – 454

Another record that Schumacher once owned. He earned 148 points over 18 races in 2004, but with the introduction of the current points system in 2010 it was only a matter of time before it was broken. Vettel set a new high in 2013 by gaining 397 points (from 19 races) during the season, which Lewis Hamilton Twice better, in 2018 (408 points from 21 races) and 2019 (413 points from 21 races).

This record stood until Verstappen broke the record this year by two laps. The Dutchman finished the season with 454 points and one might wonder if that will ever be broken. But with two more races in 2023 and three more races than this year, you never know.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, pole, at Parc Ferme

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, pole, at Parc Ferme

Photography: Zac Mauger / Motorsport Pictures

3. Overturned the largest points deficit to become a champion – 46

Thanks to two DNFs in the opening three races, Max Verstappen finds himself sixth in the standings after the Australian Grand Prix, 46 points off the championship leader Charles Locklear. In three races, the Dutchman has not only eaten away Leclerc’s advantage, but has pushed Monaco off the top of the table by the Spanish Grand Prix. Verstappen did not relinquish his lead after that and sealed the title at Suzuka, thus setting the record for the largest points gap overhauled to become champion.

The previous record holder was usurped by Sebastian Vettel Fernando AlonsoHe has a 44-point lead over six races in the second half of a highly competitive 2012 season.

4. Wins from the most different network slots in a year – 7

As if 15 victories a year weren’t enough, Verstappen has gone further by winning from seven different starting positions in 2022. Prior to this season, the Dutchman had never won outside the top four on the grid. But he put that record to rest by winning from tenth place at the Hungarian Grand Prix, which also included a rare spin while trying to catch the leaders.

At the following race in Belgium, Verstappen was forced to start from 14th after collecting grid penalties for over-allocation of power unit components. However, that didn’t stop him from climbing the standings to become only the second driver in F1 history – along with Bruce McLaren – For winning consecutive races of 10th place or less. Two races later, he won again the Italian Grand Prix after starting the race from seventh place. Before Verstappen, the record belonged to Alan Jones (1980), Alain Prost (1990) and Kimi Raikkonen (2005), which won five different network awards in those years.

5. Most wins in a season outside of first place – 9

If Red Bull becomes the master on Sunday, then Ferrari is the team to beat on Saturday. The Maranello-based team has held pole position in 12 of 22 races this season, their joint-highest ever in a single year.

But that didn’t deter Verstappen, as he scored nine wins in 2022 when not starting from pole position, a feat not achieved before. He achieved the US Grand Prix record by surpassing the tallies of Schumacher (seven) and Hamilton (eight) which they set in 1995 and 2019 respectively.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, 1st place, celebrating the World Championship with Helmut Marko, Advisor, Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing, Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing, 2nd place, Team Red Bull

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, 1st place, celebrating the World Championship with Helmut Marko, Advisor, Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing, Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing, 2nd place, Team Red Bull

Photography: Zac Mauger / Motorsport Pictures

Red Bull

1. Most consecutive first- and second-place finalists – 19

For years, Red Bull has been trying to change its lineup, trying to find the perfect pair that would repeat the success of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. It looks like they’ve finally found it, coming within 28 points of winning the constructors’ title in 2021. They’ve moved it up a notch in 2022, with Verstappen and Sergio Perez Taking 17 and 11 podiums respectively, he finally took the championship after eight long years.

Their peak consistency saw them finish either P1 or P2 in 19 consecutive races (from Saudi Arabia to Mexico), a record in itself. The previous record was of 17 consecutive races williams in 1993-1994 and Mercedes 2014-2015.

those who escaped

1. Largest winning margin

Score – 155 points (Sebastian Vettel on Fernando Alonso in 2013)
2022-146 points (Max Verstappen on Charles Leclerc)

2. Most gains in a year by originator

Record – 19 wins / 21 races (Mercedes in 2016)
2022-17 wins / 22 races (Red Bull)

3. Most points per year by originator

Record – 765 points (Mercedes in 2016)
2022-759 points (Red Bull)

Sundaram Ramaswamy, also referred to as F1 StatsGuru, is a Formula 1 statistician and social media content creator.

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