Bold and Beautiful Synopsis: Bill wants to know if Sheila’s feelings for him are real

In prison, Sheila told me that she had come to see her in the cage where she belonged. Sheila hints that she’s only been there for a few days, just as Lee has managed to be out on the street for a few weeks. Lee tells her they have nothing in common – she will spend the rest of her life loving Finn and Hayes while Sheila will spend her life behind bars. Sheila smiles.

Stevie arrives at the cliff house and informs Finn that she has not made it to Bill. He can’t believe the guy is still defending Sheila.

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At his house, Bill flashes to Sheila asking him to take her out soon and tell him she loves him very much. Remind him that holding the sword means he takes no prisoners and wins at any cost. Katie comes over and yells that she’s been calling and texting him, but he hasn’t gotten back to her. “I can’t believe what happened! Sheila finally got caught and it’s all because of you.”
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In prison, Lee and Sheila debate which of them is delusional. Lee asked her if she thought this was a game. Sheila doesn’t, but if she is, she’ll win in the end.

At Bill’s house, Katie wants to know what happened with Sheila. Bill says she’s there and he calls the police. Katie finds this incredible and spunky. She is confident that Brooke, Stevie and Finn must be thrilled. She still didn’t understand why Sheila was there. “What did she want from you?”

At the cliff house, Stevie tells Finn that Bill is not holding back. If they testified against Sheila, her mother would end up in jail too!
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In prison, Sheila assured me that she would not get out of there. Sheila mocks her “negative thinking”. She declares to me that her days of terrorizing her family are over. “There is no excuse for what I did.” She inflicted violence and pain on those she claimed to love and then on herself to escape. She tells me she did her worst for her and the Foresters but it’s all over. “You will now pay for your crimes.” She believes in right and wrong. She believes that people like Finn and Hayes deserve the best in life and that people like Sheila get what comes to them. Sheila assures that she agrees – she will get exactly what she deserves.

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In Bill’s place, he cryptically tells Katie that Sheila’s days of running may finally be over. Katie looks forward to moving on but worries, “You don’t think Sheila’s going to still be a problem for us, do you Bill?” She admits that she was upset at the thought of Sheila hurting him. They get off on it, but she cares about it – they’re family and they’ll always be in touch. It’s terrible to think that she could hurt him in any way. Katie is grateful that she didn’t and that he never had to worry about that awful woman again. “Because of you. You have cut Sheila Carter out of our lives forever. Bill, you are a hero!”
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At the cliff house, Stevie tells Finn that she really thought she was going to get to Bill. He said he heard it, but he needed a woman who could handle it. Finn can’t believe Bill has seriously developed feelings for Sheila. Stevie can’t believe she’s saying this, but thinks Bill has lost his mind – and now they’ll all pay the price.

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In prison, Sheila says that Lee confuses justice with revenge. Lee is confident that she will pay to shoot Stevie and Finn and leave them for dead. She laments Finn and Hayes having a drop of her blood in their veins and vows that it will be erased from their lives forever. “And there’s nothing you can do about it.” Lee tells the guard she did. Sheila asks her to tell Stevie and Finn that she misses them, and they will be together soon. However, crack.
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At Bill’s house, Katie notices he’s very quiet and wonders if he’s still shaky. She repeats that he is a hero and urges him to remove the sword necklace. “You don’t need it.” He is not that man anymore and what he did to Sheila proves it. She feels he doesn’t have to protect himself anymore because her biggest threat is behind bars. “And you put it there.”

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At the cliff house, Finn breaks up with Amelia and tells Stevie that the kids want to stay in the park. Stevie wishes she knew what Bill was doing. Finn wonders if Sheila is blackmailing him. Stevie says he denied it when I asked. Finn thinks he lost her. Stevie declares that they are in real trouble if Bill has feelings for Sheila. They remember that Bill threatens Taylor’s freedom and that Sheila belongs in the prison, not Stevie’s mother. Finn declares that Bill is hurting his family. If Sheila doesn’t stay locked up, she won’t tell us what she can do to them – she’s rotten! Stevie can’t believe this is all happening because Bill is alone. She explains why Bill is interested in Sheila. Finn Qubbs, “So, he fell in love with her because she didn’t have any real feelings. That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.” Steffi replies, “It’s worse than that – he’s crazy!”

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At the prison, Bill shows up to see Sheila and tells the guard to give them time alone. Sheila is like, “Nobody gets privacy here.” Bill tells her that he is the exception to the rule. “I had to make sure you were okay.” He acknowledges that everyone there believes they are there to confront her. Sheila approaches, “Is that all you want to do?” Bill pushes her back. Sheila asks if he will still come for her. Bill says the past few weeks have been fantastical for him. He is working on her release. Bill asks if she’s sure she wants anything between them – are the feelings real? “I should know, Sheila. Are they real?” Sheila’s mouth twitched at the corners.
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