‘Billy Bush should be fired from TV, it’s a disgrace’: Billy Bush’s sexually offensive comment about Kendall Jenner sets the internet on fire

Billy Bush, known for his controversial jokes, has made headlines again. The host in 2016 was going along the same lines. During the 2016 presidential election, The Washington Post released recordings incriminating Bush and Donald Trump in 2005 for an inappropriate, frank conversation. Although Trump won the election, that time Get to Hollywood The host was fired from NBC’s Today Watch. He barely stayed in this position for less than two months.

Extra': Billy Bush's raunchy Kendall Jenner laugh is part of the 'creative process' - Los Angeles Times
Billy Bush

Now the presenter has been caught up in a new drama involving the Kardashian/Jenner sibling. An audio leak by an unauthorized source landed the 51-year-old host in trouble for joking about the reality star’s Halloween costume.

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Once again Billy Bush makes an arguably rude comment

Billy Bush makes a lewd joke about Kendall Jenner on a hot mic
Billy Bush makes a dirty joke about Kendall Jenner’s Halloween costume

the additional The host was caught up in yet another controversial comment against him Kendall Jenner. Billy Bush in the audio got it the The Daily BeastHe’s overheard joking about Jenner Toy StoryInspirational Halloween costume. During the Oct. 31 taping, the presenter made a joke about Woody, Pixar’s main character, referring to the reality star.

He says, “Kendall goes as Jessie, and believe me, there were a lot of Woodies.” The comment was made while the host was standing in front of a glass screen showing celebrities dressed provocatively for Halloween, the central image being of the model.

After seeing her photo, the host used his cast as a reference for the character. He gets a response from someone who calls the character Jesse. To this, Bosch made his blunt comment about the love affair of the character, Woody, the main character in Toy Story.

As the announcer commented during the segment, “It would be hard to see ‘Toy Story’ the same way again. Kendall was broody while Jessie was a redheaded cowgirl, complete with a crop top, and denim shorts.”

These comments about the Kardashians Star did not make the final cut of the show but it was leaked by a source to the media. The host’s off-camera comments once again landed him in trouble.

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Extra stands for Billy Bush after his leaked comment about Kendall Jenner

Billy Bush caught on a hot mic making a crude joke about Kendall Jenner
Billy Bush backed by Extra for making a crude joke about Kendall Jenner

The producers supported their host after his off-camera comment was leaked to the media. In defense of the broadcaster, the televised images that produce the show said,

“As with many forms of production in the entertainment industry, the creative process allows the show flexibility to experiment with different jokes and quips. Eventually, some material falls to the cutting room floor, including remarks that may be too risque to be broadcast on broadcast television.” .

They also said that Bush was working through the normal creative process for the show, and there was no ruthlessness on his part.

Both the host and the model’s representative declined requests for comment from the media. But there was a certain backlash from fans who took to Twitter to post their thoughts. Fans wrote their thoughts about the incident. someone wrote, “Is anyone surprised that Billy Bush is actually as venomous and gross as he proved himself so long ago?” While one of them argued for the expulsion of Bush from television. Someone called me a perpetual teenager.

The 51-year-old broadcaster did not learn the lesson from the past incident involving the former US President. Even Bush did not respond to the news, which put him in the spotlight.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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