A leading retail and grocery company entering the UK market

london- focal systemsthe leading retail automation company, today announced that it has entered the UK retail market, having joined the British Retail Consortium (BRC) in August and opened its first office in Europe. Focal Systems, which pioneered the “Self Driving Store” operating system (FocalOS), will use industry-leading artificial intelligence technology to help retailers improve margins, increase sustainability, and better serve customers. Already proven with several leading retailers, including Walmart who will set them up in each of their stores in Canada by the end of 2022, the team will soon announce the launch of multiple partnerships with leading UK retailers over the coming months.

This entry into the UK market comes at a time when retailers need it most. Earlier this year, the number of job vacancies in the UK exploded to a record high of nearly 1.3 million. while, Recent research It found that almost every UK organization admits that its supply chain needs to be improved, and more than half believe that its supply chain needs to be significantly improved. Due to the current UK supply chain and labor crisis, Focal Systems has seen a huge demand for its technology in the UK market over the past year. Now that COVID restrictions have eased, the brand is preparing itself to support UK retailers and help them quickly adopt AI and automation.

“We are honored to join retailers and grocers of all sizes across the UK and work in partnership with BRC to drive innovation for our shared economies,” said Jeremy Pugh, GTM Vice President, Focal Systems. Focal’s mission is to automate retail globally. Given the severity of the current business and supply chain challenges faced by UK retailers, there is no one who needs this technology more. Our partnership with BRC will enable us to best assist the UK retail community to overcome these challenges and continue to serve their customers. “

“Artificial intelligence is transforming industries and retailers are still racking their brains over how to use it. As Focal has found, when you focus on core tasks, the return on investment is very high and can be very powerful,” said BRC Chairman Tony DiNunzio. “Retailers need to think a lot about AI because they have very thin margins. How do I use this new technology? How do I fulfill all the different channels? This is where Focal works beautifully because it’s a win, a win, a win. It’s good for customers because it increases Product availability, which is good for the retailer because it reduces cost, improves efficiency and increases profitability, and is good for brands because they sell more.”

Focal has raised more than $40 million in venture capital funding to date and has expanded its solutions to retailers on three continents. Major retailers using Focal Systems have shown a 50x return on investment with technology implementation, making this investment the most profitable investment in all of retail technology.

To learn more about the Focal System Autonomous Driving Store, please visit: https://focal.systems

To learn more about BRC, please visit: https://www.brc.org.uk/

About focal systems:

Founded in 2015 in San Francisco out of the Stanford Computer Vision Lab, Focal Systems is the industry leader in retail automation. Our mission is to automate and improve retail with the latest deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies. We’ve created the world’s first “self-driving store” – an operating system that revolutionizes how stores are run. Focal has raised more than $40 million to date and has scaled solutions on three continents in hundreds of stores, with thousands of cameras deployed. Learn more by: https://focal.systems

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