3 ways to make sure your Black Friday deals are really worth buying

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Don’t go shopping on Black Friday without reading this first.

the main points

  • Black Friday deals are available from many retailers, but not all “deals” are really good deals.
  • Make sure to do a little research before making any purchases.
  • Check product features and pricing, and ask yourself if you really need to buy a particular item just because it’s on sale.

Many major retailers have started announcing their Black Friday deals, including Costco and others. Some of the deals sound great, so you might be ready to reach for your credit cards and start buying products.

But before you start buying, there are a few basic steps that you’ll definitely want to take to make sure that your purchase is actually worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

1. Compare prices

Checking prices is one of the first and most important things to do to make sure that Black Friday deal is worth adding to your cart.

You should compare the price of the item you are looking for with several different retailers. Almost every store offers Black Friday discounts and it’s worth checking flyers or websites to see if multiple places have the same thing on sale. By comparing shopping with other holiday deals, you can get really low prices.

You can also compare the cost of the item outside of the Black Friday sales to make sure you’re really saving money. Don’t assume that just because a manufacturer advertises something as “for sale” that you’ll always save a lot on it. Take the time to check the regular rate and assess the level of savings yourself before you check out credit cards.

2. Check the product features carefully

Another important thing to watch on Black Friday is the models of the specific items you’re buying and what the features and specifications of those items are.

See, some retailers are making mini or derivative versions of their products that can be sold on Black Friday at a lower price point. For example, a deeply discounted TV may not have the same high definition or quality speakers as those that sell for near full price during the rest of the year.

By taking a look at the nitty-gritty, you can ensure that you’re not overpaying for a downsized item that ultimately isn’t worth the money.

3. Ask yourself if the item is really necessary

Finally, before you buy any Black Friday items, you should take the time to ask yourself if the item is really something you need and are going to use — and if it fits your budget.

Just because an item is for sale doesn’t make it a good deal or justify spending money on it. If it’s not something you’ll really appreciate, you’ll be wasting money on it no matter how cheap it is.

Ideally, you’ll buy things on Black Friday that you would have bought anyway at full price — but you’ll just take advantage of the chance to get them at a discount so you can keep more money in your pocket. By being smart about whether the item is actually worth your money, you can avoid wasting money on purchases that you normally wouldn’t have made if you weren’t attracted by the bargain price.

Following these three tips can help you make the most of Black Friday — without wasting your hard-earned cash just to take advantage of sales designed to rip you off your cash.

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