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What you need to know: An almost all-carbon fiber body is a “paradigm shift” for Callaway’s Paradym driver (360 degrees Carbon structure). Removing the titanium from the club body allowed the engineers to distribute the weight in a way that “breaks the trade-off between incredible distance and Exceptional forgiveness, ”according to the company. There are three models in the family: Model (designed for the widest range of golfers), X model (biased drawing), Triple diamond pattern (combined, lowest rotation, least firing, biased to fade).

An explosive rendering of the Paradym driver showcasing a 360-degree carbon hull and the latest version of Jailbreak AI facial technology.

  • Industry’s first 360° carbon structure: It allows “unprecedented weight redistribution for maximum distance”. The combination of the 3-pivot carbon crown and forged carbon sole is 45 percent lighter than a titanium frame allowing weight to be pushed forward (boosting ball speed) and backward (higher MOI) in the clubhead.
  • New AI Jailbreak: The latest AI-engineered Jailbreak is 33% lighter and offers both horizontal and torsional stability.
  • A new face designed with artificial intelligence technology: With a focus on low range dispersion, Paradym features an enhanced interface designed with AI technology.
  • Forged titanium face and face cup: The first Callaway driver to feature Face Cup technology, which attaches to a titanium face to improve energy transfer to the golf ball.

Jailbreak AI and AI designer face details.

Additional form details

Model: With its high MOI and adjustable girth weight, the Paradym fits the bulk of the bell fit curve. High launch, low spin, neutral ball flight.

Tenth Form: Biased Graphic, High Starting, High Moi Driver. larger profile. The most forgiving driver in the lineup.

Triple Diamond Pattern: Low spin, low launch. Slightly smaller profile (450 cc). Paradym is designed for the top player looking to pass the ball. neutral bias.

What does Callaway say?

Evan Gibbs, Director of R&D at Callaway, provided this overview of Paradym’s technology:

“The 360-degree carbon bodywork really refers to the central part of the driver which is made entirely of carbon composite. Two proprietary materials by Callaway, on the top we have the carbon triaxial crown, which is woven bonded carbon fibers and creates a very thin and lightweight structure. Then on the bottom, We have forged carbon which consists of bundles of chopped fibers that have been formed into a shape.

“This gives us an advantage over conventional composites and allows us to form them into some complex geometries and provides much better control over the thickness of the part. So we can thicken it strategically and thin it out where it needs to be in order to get the right strength and hardness. It’s a huge advantage because it removes all the metal present.” In the middle part of the club head.

“There are no titanium or aluminum reinforcements, this is a 100% carbon composite bonded together, which is about 44% lighter than a titanium frame, and that gives us a lot of discretionary weight that we can remove from the center of the club head and move around in different areas to improve performance. There is A lot of it is at the back of the clubhead to give some adjustability and a higher MOI, and some of it is shifted to the front to improve ball speed techniques.”

A look at the interior of the 360 ​​Carbon chassis.

More photos


X model

Triple diamond pattern

Pricing and availability

The Lofts

  • Model: 9, 10.5, 12
  • Tenth Form: 9, 10.5, 12
  • Triple Diamond Pattern: 8, 9, 10.5

Stock shafts: Aldila Ascent PL Blue, Project X HZRDUS Silver, Project X HZRDUS Black, Mitsubishi Kai’li White

stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet

price: $599.99

Product in retail: Feb 24

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